Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tigress Rowwwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrr

I really love today's outfit. I think because it reminds me of one I made once.

Not Just a Game, An Obsession

I was asking a friend for some help with Paint Shop Pro 9 and just as an aside during the long download, he said he and his wife had been playing an online game called Second Life. So while I was waiting for the download, I thought I'd check out the game. I needed another online activity like I needed a hole in the head but you know how it goes.

I already play Pirates Online but I'm always annoyed that it's so G rated and heavily policed. You can't give people your email address so they can stay in touch or anything. Well, Second Life is just the opposite. You can be as puritanical or raunchy as you want. It's a huge interactive game with people creating landscapes, buildings, houses, clothing, carnival rides, and about everything and anything you can dream up. It's so fascinating I've been playing for 4 days sleep with barely time to eat or work. Well, I can't keep that up forever. I plan to reign in my enthusiasm any minute.

The scary thing is there is a free version, or a paid one. And in the paid one I can see people have spent a lot of money. Real money on an imaginary land. You can buy virtual land and then rent it to others for cash. Or for what the game calls Linden Dollars.

I can see this usurping my life if I'm not careful. But at the moment I can't seem to tear myself a way from it.