Wednesday, October 5, 2011

About the Bling

There is one pair of heels I am fond of wearing on Second Life because I like the way they look.  It puzzled me when people would randomly comment that they loved the bling on my shoes.  I didn't see anything sparkly about them.  So today it came up again and it dawned on me that my resolution was too low.  So I tried to raise it and then I saw the sparkles. So Yay!  But then when I clicked on 'apply', and looked at the club I was in, a lot of body parts went missing and hair was floating around. Yikes!  So I put it back on the low setting.  What good is it to see your shoes sparkle if you have no legs?  Strange. If you click on the photo so you can see her foot, you'll see the 'no blng' version that I see.

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